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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 30, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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for an incredible $9.99! only at sizzler! heisi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos, we've got them, "right this minute." >> took my stuff. you had [ bleep ]. >> can you hear me now? it's a rant in a cellphone store by a customer. >> she has something to say. >> but this time it's not with her mouth. >> take my [ bleep ]. a farmer's cows get stuck in a mud bog. >> this is where firefighters get their manly reputation. >> how to get the job done when you don't have a crane. robbers chase their target.
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>> who is carrying a bag full of cash. >> the one tough dude survive a beatdown and five bullets. plus, the smart lazy way to mow your lawn and a surprise guest pays off a guy's new car. >> but this gets even better -- >> when he finally sees what's around that corner. >> whoa! >> are you kidding me? that's freaking cool. guys, i've got the flip out to end all flip outs. we got this story from our friends at wxyz. >> took my stuff. >> according to reports, her name is stephanie. she is shouting at a clerk in a cellphone store in detroit, michigan. the clerk decided to use his cellphone to catch this all on camera. >> [ bleep ]. >> come on. >> you can see in the video that she is also throwing around displays, throwing around pamphlets. and the clerk says that she even
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used a knife to damage the display cases. >> wait. why was she so upset? >> that's a great question. according to the clerk she came in complaining that her son had been b in two weeks earlier and purchased a phone for $200. she claims that the phone was damaged and outdated. so she wanted a refund. the clerk says that he clearly explained that they had a seven-day return policy. this was two weeks later. it was obviously out of their return policy guidelines. now, just as she's about to leave the store, she has something to say, if you will, to the camera. >> take my [ bleep ]. i'm out of here. >> no. >> wow! >> yep. she pulled up her dress, pulled down the drawers, and -- >> and smile. >> want a close-up? cheese. >> according to reports, the owner of this cellphone store who lives in florida is planning
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on pursuing charges against this woman. >> for the damages or for the unwanted bootie shot t. >> you got that? you got that? a not quite so dramatic rescue in sweden. a farmer found four of his cows stuck in a muddy bog, so he called for assistance. and here comes someoc fifighters and look at them, you can seeemtrapping harnesses around them. do you think they're going to use a crane to get them out? no. bruit force manpower. this is how they get their manly man. >> put on a uniform and they're putty. >> they're saving lives. that's the coolest part. >> i can find a willing cow, i would get a cow stuck. maybe you and i can strap on some firemen's suits and save this thing and year heroes. >> you're going to need a couple of things. you're going to need a harness
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to put around the cow. on the screen, they're just using a hand crank to get these cows out. the cows are not helpful in the rescue. they were like, we were taking mud baths. >> they're really stuck. that other one is way under there. >> they are seriously down in this bog. all four cows are rescued and they're okay. what amazes me is it didn't take them like five hours to do it but pretty amazing they were able to do it with just the hand crank and a little bit of manpower. surveillance cameras captured this scary moment in russia. keep your eyes toward the top of the screen. see that man running away, lu limping. another man holding a gun chasing after him. that man fired five shots into the victim. the victim was carrying a bag full of cash. you see the guy fall to the ground. the suspected robber starts to run away and then goes back and appears to beat the guy while he was on the grounds.
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those five shots hit the victim, but miraculously the guy survived without serious injuries. now, the man carrying the bag was 51 years old. he had had tens of millions of rubles in that bag, sounds like a lot but only about $5,000. another dash cam video from russia. car going down the street. up ahead though you will see a car get cut off. watch. this car pulls out in front of the dash cam. starts to move left. just barely misses that other car. coming down the road pretty fast. watch what happens next. >> does he pull over to apologize? >> oh, he had a gun and was shooting at the guy? >> the guy that gets cut off slides to a stop if other white car pulls off to the side of the road, maybe to say, hey, buddy, i'm sorry. that guy gets off out and starts firing into that white car. luckily no serious injuries because the gun that he was shooting was merely a pellet
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gun. >> what? >> a pellet gun. so what if the other guy sees the gun and thought, i have a real gun. >> exactly. there just seems to be nobody really using any kind of common sense in this scenario. this guy doing the shooting was later caught by police and he was charged with criminal damage of property because he busted out the windows of that car. >> are you sure this is russia and not tombstone? talk about an incredibly scary moment for passengers in a london subway. take a look at this. that is a train at the park platform and those passengers are stuck inside. as you can see, everybody is frantic. people are trying to push using bruit force, trying to open those doors and they're unable to. meanwhile, the cabin isfyi f is up with smoke and everybody is freaking out. >> i thought you were able to pull those doors open rather
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easily. don't they say in case of an emergency, push or pull or something? >> in this case it was locked. the train wasn't entirely at the platform so they were afraid if they opened it the passengers would be on the live track which is more dangerous than the situation they were facing at this moment. eventually someone is able to open one at carriages and people are able to quickly get out. as the camera pans over, you can see that people were just trying to make an exit from any crevice they could. >> meanwhile, just the people panicking is making this so much worse. i don't see flames. i barely see any smoke. what went wrong with the train? >> the brakes locked on the wheels of the train. when the train came to a stop it created that smoke. wasn't really life threatening for anybody. the fire brigade was called as a precautionary measure. everything was cleared and 15 minutes later the train was running again. putting a spin on the game of football. >> unicycle football league.
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>> how the league reinvented the wheel with this one. and an altercation on a public bus. >> off the bus. >> why? >> because i said. >> here you can see the bus driver engaging with these guys saying he's going to call the police. the police never showed up. >> why officials are now taking a closer look at this video.
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nfl season right around the corner but the rules change that happens and nfl gets you down or you can't get into college football, maybe your team is going to have a bad season this year, introduce you to another kind of football you might like. unicycle football. this is the unicycle football league. i had no idea this many dudes knew how to ride unicycles. >> who also knew how to play football. >> yeah. if you watch this thing, similar to your average football game, except they've got flags. it's like flag football. you're not tackling. >> you fall off the unicycle anyway. >> but when you fall out you're not in play. in order to do something football related you have to be pedaling on the unicycle. you can see there are punts, there are running plays, there are passing plays. you have the ball and you fall off your unicycle you're down right there. what you also notice is guys can like leap off the unicycle to catch the pass or intercept the pass. look at that guy. jumps into the end zone. that's legal. a lot of cool passing plays
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where guys are getting airborne off their unicycle which is pretty impressive. it goes down in san marcos, texas. what i like about it, some of the names of the teams, the narwalls hell on wheels, rolling blackouts and the unipsychos. field goal, watch this. kicking a ball up the unicycle. pretty cool stuff. to all the teenagers out there that have to mow the family lawn, i'm about to change your life. watch this brilliant little life hack. the guy puts a post in the middle of the lawn. ties the rope on the post, ties the other end of the rope to the self propelled push behind lawn mow mower. it's going to go around and go around and the rope will get shorter until it reaches the post. fires it up, puts the lawn mower in gear. ties a rope around the handle. takes it off the rock an look at
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how brilliantly this works. you can kickback and drink yourself a root beer now. >> this would be perfect if you had a round lawn. >> you dstill have to do a litte bit of mowing though. >> in fact, some of the commenters are saying you need a bigger, thicker post in the middle because it's overlapping too much. >> right. >> either way, the bulk of the mowing is being done by itself. >> i love it. >> perfect. i never did nothing. i never did nothing. >> this argument on the winnipeg transit system prompted one guy to start a campaign. tr trisstan johnson said these two men were harassing a young girl. she was so bothered she got off the bus and he started filming because he said this is a regular occurrence in winnipeg and now he is requesting that they add more security to the system. here you can see the bus driver engaging with these guys. >> off the bus now.
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>> huh? >> off the bus. >> why? >> because i said. >> why? >> you want the cops here? >> no. >> then get off. they're on their way. >> the police never showed up. you can see more passengers engaging with these guys. >> we didn't do nothing wrong! >> you woke up this morning. >> you got them, buddy. >> luckily this doesn't escalate to punches and fists. but at one point the guy with the long ponytail, he does get off the bus. but the man in the t bluejeans, he gets up and he starts engaging the passengers. and watch here. he just kind of jumps at them like, i'm going to punch you. he actually lays hands on this guy. this video was posted and is now trending. according to the winnipeg labor counsel, winnipeg transit system helps 20% of the commuter there's. >> trying to get to work. trying to get to the store. wherever they're headed and they can't just have a peaceful ride on the bus. >> at this point transit
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officials are not commenting on the video but city officials have gotten together to talk about where they could possibly find money to increase safety. >> get off the bus! dude makes it clear. he's full of rage. >> [ bleep ]. >> dude on the motorcycle. >> i think it's over at this point. he turns down a marked dead end and he's like, the dude is following me. >> the twist no one saw coming. and here's a tip. don't be that guy. >> hey. how are you doing? how are you doing? i'll just -- >> why stealing a tip jar is not a smooth move. unbelievable.
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with u-verse high speed internet. hey, don't forget there's an app for rtm. get it on your iphone, ipad or android device. watch videos any time anywhere you are. surveillance videos of criminals in action. this first one is in south carolina. this thieve runs into the liquor store with the handgun. waits no time and points it and starts demanding money. then you see he just takes the register, turns it around. smashes it around a little bit. then comes back. he manages to open the register, takes the cash drawer, gets into
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a get away car waiting for him outside. gets away. police release this video because they're looking for him. there is a really clear shot of the dude's face. >> this have other video, the thief walks into the restaurant. >> believe it or not actually says hello to two people there dining. casually walks over to the counter. you think he's going to order dinner or something. but, no, once he eyeballs the tip jar on the counter, he puts it under his coat. very casually walks around. continues to chat with the two patrons that are there. and then just walks out. >> that is the worst. >> come on, man. walks in. he's got all of his -- hey, how are you doing? how are you doing? i'll just -- later. got myself $3.18. yeah. >> actually -- it was actually $18. >> oh! >> at least he was friendly. the owner of the restaurant put
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it on social media and craigslist for providing a lot of solid tips. >> hopefully tips that add up to 18 bucks. >> actually it did because police did end up arresting 30-year-old joseph robert loffstrom and he was charge with misdemeanor charges for this and another robbery that they believe he was responsible for. what are you [ bleep ]? [ bleep ]. >> yeah, we got ourselves a very interesting sort of road rage incident here. i can guarantee you has an ending that we have never seen before on this show. we've got a guy on his motorcycle and he's sort of getting into it with this guy t in the vw golf. >> he's riding over the [ bleep ] white line. >> the motorcyclist is mad because he can't get around him. >> [ bleep ]. >> so he gets passed him and they have a couple of words, right? there's a lot of swearing. eventually the dude on the motorcycle thinks it's over at this point. he's got to pass the guy. he turns down a marked dead end.
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he's like, the dude is following me. comes up to this dirt area. pulls over. hey. what are you doing? no. no. [ bleep ]. stop, mate. >> the guy on the motorcycle helmet who has been tough all along kind of frightened. >> only trying to [ bleep ] back to you. listen. i don't want any [ bleep ]. you know what i mean? i'm just riding me bike. >> eventually he goes back to his bike and the guy in the golf takes off. you can hear him. he's shaken up. >> dude in the golf eventually comes back. they argue again. take off on your bike, dude. end of story. get out of there. >> dude eventually comes back again. and this time the guy in the golf seems a little bit more calm. smoking his cigarette. >> what the [ bleep ]. never touched you. listen, yeah, yeah. all right. >> eventually it looks like they give up and the video dips to black right here and he says, finally, things get sorted and common sense prevails. >> i knew it.
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>> what? >> this is actually from the youtube channel of ab crumble, apples on crumble. yeah these two fellas who were just fighting. they made up and they made up some more. if you want to see the outtake in its entirety, head to and click on rtm or watch it on your mobile app. no stars but a twinkling of starlings. >> they separate into two different packs and do some cool shapes and come back together. they do some cool shapes. >> nature's shapes in the sky, next. /[c.>lot.tñtñ
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rum jumbo trucking company set out to prove their trucks can do more than just trucks. because the semi truck trailer on the dirt track. going around the curve. >> oh, boy. >> he's setting up. getting it in and, ah. landed on the landing ramp quite smoothly. for a big piece of machinery,
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came up with launch ramp. >> that's highly impressive. that's a big rig and that thing got some major air. >> and -- >> that's what i was thinking. dude was going to bounce all over the place. >> big piece of machinery. doesn't look like it was modified all that much. >> makes me nervous for those run away truck ramps. >> one arrway truck ramp is lika runway. >> guy who drives the truck says he could do it again. >> this is impressive but could he do it with a big load, trailer. >> that jackknifed, right? >> there's a chance you can jackknife but it might also jack it, i don't know. >> we think it will jackknife. i have to say this is pretty darn cool. a toyota executive shows up at the house of an nypd officer carrying balloons. nypd officer michael dee in the backyard having a family barbecue. >> why would have a toyota executive show up at a family barbecue? >> because it was a commercial and all set up? >> it is kind of a commercial,
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but listen. >> we understand, mr. dee that you bought a camry a couple of months ago. the sales team in california told me that it was the 50 millionth car that toyota sold here in the united states. to commemorate that we wanted to say thank you and basically give you the title of the car because toyota has now paid off that car. >> what? >> are you kidding me? that's freaking cool. >> the car is his, no more payment. but this gets even better. >> what we're also going to give to you today, just to say thank you, is a brand new 2013 rav4. >> what? now he has two? and look how beautiful. a brand new 2013 rav 4. you can see he's got a family, he's got kids in is going to be perfect. >> this is like a dream of some kind, right? like the commercials. someone is giving you a car with a big bow. it really happened for him. >> this was upload toend toyota usa youtube channel so of course it is an advertising, it makes you think, wow, they really care about their customers. >> you've got to be kidding me
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with this! and now your moment of animal zen. ♪ we start in belfast, ireland. what you're looking at is a chattering of starlings of a memoration of starlings. there they are above the albert bridge. it is beautiful. >> wow. >> just kind of gliding smoothly. >> you know what's cool is like they separate into two different packs. they do like some cool shades and come back together. they do some cool shapes. >> you know what i call this? nature's flash mob. now, we jump across the pond to lake champagne in vermont. if you're a dog owner, you love doing stuff with your pooch, they went out on a boat and said, you know what, i'm going to go wake surfs and put he
4:57 pm
bulldog on the wake surf board with me. first, holding him and then puts him down on the wakeboard. >> oh. >> wow. >> holding on with one hand and then kind of switches hands and make sure that the dog is in the right place. then he let's go. >> oh, boy. >> wow. >> he let's go and he is surfing with his little pet bulldog. >> dogs love sticking their head out the window getting that wind in their face. this is like the next level. >> because you not only get the wind, you get the mist t from the water. >> sure. that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of rtm.
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crews making progress on the bay bridge as commuters make the holiday commute without it. the progress and the problems. >> the u.s. considering military action against syria. >> we cannot accept a world where women and children and innocent civilians are gassed on a terrible scale. >> the signs today that an attack could happen soon. >> plus the view from above. the incredible new images of the rim fire in and around yosemite from a drone flying thousands of feet above. crews working around the clock as the count down continues to the reopening of the bay bridge which is now less than four days away. >> commuters are heading out for the holiday with the bridge still out of commission. other routes across the bay area are seeing heavier than normal traffic. >> the work continues on the
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new eastern span of the bay bridge. this is a live picture now of interstate 80 where you can see traffic is backed up because the bridge is closed. the work on that bridge is going to be going on right on through the long weekend in order to meet the deadline of tuesday morning for that new bridge to open. again, drivers here having to find another way around the bay as a result. >> we have more on those alternate routes being taken. we begin with mike joining us live from the toll plaza. >> reporter: green light all the way. crews saying they've been making fantastic progress. there's been all this talk of progress. i had to ask cal-trans directly. could it open by monday afternoon, monday night? the spokesperson said the schedule to open is still 5:00 a.m. tuesday. what a difference just 8-9 hours make.
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that marathon of trucks coming and going, it's all over. the grinding, the tearing up of the road is all complete. and now it's the paving part of the project that is full steam ahead. 50% complete the paving part here at the toll plaza is now done. news chopper 2 flying over. the contractors were out on the bridge doing some touch ups and sandblasting as well as paving to a small section of roadway. the striping, the signage all out there on the span. we drove the new span. officer daniel hill saying the new spanize wide direct connection is made by mpt to serve all of our diverse communities and is made possible by the generous support of our members. thank you. feel and because of it, chp will be looking for speeders. >> we expect drivers to kind of get the feel, the need to speed so to speak. you might feel that you're on an open roadway. you might let the accelerator go and you might get sucked into


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